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I have been working in the education area with teens and adults for many years. Every year it distresses me to see students in a higher education classroom close to tears, having anxiety attacks and many suffering from depression, every year the numbers increase.


My aim is to ensure that they are prepared, they have the resilience, confidence and social skills to adapt to the new surroundings. It is the only healthy way forward.

With many years of experience at management levels, I've witness staff have anxiety attacks, become sick with the stress, the neverending daily demands of work and home life can be overbearing. The constant change in hierarchy, office politics, work demands, rules and obligations becomes too much. 

The pressure of life and work can sometimes be intense and often they struggle to get through the day. We all have a threshold for the amount of stress that we can carry before it starts to affect our physical and mental wellbeing.

'Who we are tomorrow is essentially the outcome of our experiences today.'

I believe everyone can gain confidence, resilience, communication skills and strategies to minimise stress and anxiety. To find the calm, be a leader and a great communicator under pressure are skills that can be learnt to succeed in life, but more importantly to positively influence your health.


With over 20 years of experience in running a business, I've certainly had my share of panic attacks, headaches, sickness and disease which was and is purely related to stress. I have learnt the skills to master the stress, minimise the impact on my health and remain calm under pressure. I actually enjoy roles that most people would run for the hills!... I would like to pass these traits to you. 


I love helping people be the best that they can be. To help you find your confidence, to dig deep and identify the issues that are causing you distress, anxiety, and stress. Check out the videos below, my personal blog and join the Facebook page for updates.

I hope a little inspiration helps you too :)


“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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