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Julie Ann Canal


Hi there! thanks for visiting and wanting to know a little more about me :)



You'll find me on the right in the picture, to the left is my sister Chrissy and my lovely Mum Brenda.

I've popped the photo on the page to give you a little insight into who I am. I come from a very loving, slightly crazy (in a good way) family that loves to laugh. My family is incredible support in my life.

Personal stuff if you're interested!...

I swore I'd never get married, never wanted kids...yep! I was ONE of them :). Now, this was mainly because I was just so happy in my own skin, I loved my life. I couldn't be bothered with any man spoiling it! you can imagine, I gave my family a HEART ATTACK when I announced at 38 (yep! 38) that I'd met an amazing man and we are going to get married, and oh my goodness we may even want kids...what the!!??

11 years later, Malcolm and I still feel blessed, Jai is 9 and an amazing little fella (most of the time).

I have two sisters, Kay and Chrissy whom both live in Australia. I am the youngest of the girls. I also have a brother Chris, who lives in the UK with his wife Lolo (Lois) and 4 grown-up kids. Chris is the youngest and the funniest! although my sister Chrissy has a seriously contagious laugh.

Our family lost our dad when he was 47 with cancer, which as you can imagine was devastating. He was such a kind soul, a funny bugger and so supportive of all his children. He always said "you can be whoever you want to be' and 'Australia is gods country'. he is still correct in both areas.

Mum considers herself lucky to have found love with dad, but lo and behold a few years later....came Jim, he swept Mum off her feet, a beautiful man that certainly gained our approval! So YEP! Mum found a second love, and I was blessed to gain a supportive second dad :) WOW!

Back to the immediate family stuff... I was very very sick when I had Jai, we were both very lucky to make it. Several years later I was still having health issues which irritated the heck out of me as I'm a fitness nerd. I was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease. I suffered shocking and debilitating attacks, which often left me sick and dizzy for days. I also lost the hearing in my right ear and I suffer constant tinnitus. I am telling you this because I've managed to mentally, physically and emotionally deal with them to the point that they do not impact my life to the degree that they used to. I hope I can help you if you are suffering in any way.

I joke with my husband...' God made me deaf so I can sleep on one side and not hear you snore!' :) :)...I'll always try to find the light in any situation.

Business and career stuff... I'm a self-diagnosed nerd that loves my work, I'm forever reading, studying and researching. I know its ridiculous!

I'm a Building Designer in my previous life (and still do from time to time). I started The Design Mill Pty Ltd in 1999 in which I've operated in full capacity until 2018. So yes, running a business for 20 years in the Building and Design industry was certainly a challenge. The business taught me valuable skills of confidence, communication, problem-solving and certainly being assertive with the blokes on site was a must! In 2014 I was invited to lecture in Building Design and that's where I found a love for education.


I love being in the classroom and helping students to realise what they are capable of. I'm also very happy being the MC at events, it's the outgoing nature that has been bred from my upbringing and career choices.

It was not long before my nerdiness of organisation, comfort with communication and leadership was noticed...

Hence now I'm managing the Building Design department at North metropolitan TAFE. I'm currently the Head of Programs, which funny enough is generally thought of as a 'really stressful' role and most people would run for the hills! But, it is a position that I really enjoy, and...after so many years handling trades, builders, clients, projects, staff...

you can't possibly throw anything at me that will stress me!! been there, done that :)

So yes, I can show you some great stress breaking techniques that I HAD TO LEARN 


Why this website you may ask when I have a great full-time position?... 

Well, I see far too many students and staff suffer stress, anxiety, lack of communication skills and low confidence. All the things that I've either suffered, been able to manage or have a lot of!

If I can just help one or two people, then fabulous, I've achieved my goal.

Problems to resolve:

There are far too many students that suffer anxiety and depression within the higher education sector. Every year the numbers increase and yet there seem to be no adequate methods in place to resolve. Staff anxiety is also high due to the neverending change processes within the education sector, strategies need to be put in place to protect staff wellbeing. 

Mission Statement - Students:

My mission is to inspire students to be the best that they can be. To teach them the skills of confidence, communication and self-belief which is necessary to succeed in life and their careers.

Mission Statement - Staff:

My mission is to minimise staff, leaders and managers anxiety and stress by showing them strategies to find their 'calm'.  Then, they will be effective leaders and maintain a healthy work and life balance.


Ass. Diploma - Arch/Building Design

Cert IV - Training and Assessment

Grad. Dip Education - Tertiary and Adult (Murdoch University)

Professional Development - CEU 's (CUE's Continuing Education Units) 

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)

Anxiety Therapy 101 - 0.5CEU

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