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What do I mean by a lifestyle designer?

We design our homes, our interiors, our gardens, but what about designing YOUR life to complement and work with your home and spaces to gain a healthier YOU!?

We spend thousands on 'designing', stunning homes, beautiful gardens yet we don't consider re-designing our lives, habits and therefore considering your health as a priority...

I believe there is an answer...

Design your life, your habits and your health with your environment.

My family...

Life should be fun

The why...

I have spent the past 20 years designing beautiful homes for my clients, well it's now time to encourage you to design your lifestyles, healthy ones with your home!

Yes, homes are very important, but there is so much more to take into account to look after your wellbeing...

I've also been working in the education area and management for many years. Every year it distresses me to see so many people having anxiety attacks, being sick from stress and many suffering from depression, every year the numbers increase.

 Our homes, our habits and our environment have a phenomenal impact on our health.


The pressure of life and work can sometimes be intense and often people struggle to get through the day. We all have a threshold for the amount of stress that we can carry before it starts to affect our physical and mental wellbeing. Your home environment impacts your wellbeing.

'Who we are tomorrow is essentially the outcome of our experiences today.'

I believe everyone can find calm to positively influence their health.

Your environment and the people around you have an enormous impact on your wellbeing.

So, how can we change?

Design your home and lifestyle to encourage:

  • Morning meditation practice, a space to be quiet

  • A location to encourage you to get up and go for a walk outside!

  • To encourage any form of movement and exercise

  • A family/outdoor area to encourage social gatherings

  • Bedrooms in quiet areas facing east to aim at early rising

  • Kitchens away from TV areas to minimise snacking

  • Views to gardens or nature to reduce stress and anxiety

  • Children's areas to encourage nature play

  • Design a home for what you NEED not what looks impressive

  • Minimise your loan to allow for flexibility in lifestyle, trips and social outings


We can design our homes together with our lifestyle and habits...

So yes, you can now see that in your NEW home you can form new habits to gain a happy and healthy family.


 Chat to Julie to find out how to change your life


“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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