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  • Julie Ann Canal

How a small decision can turn your life around

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

You want to change your life, start your career, study or change your health perhaps, but where do you start?

Often people don't make changes to their life because it just seems, well, too hard. The change that needs to be made takes action, determination and's often easier to stay where you are because it's comfortable. Even if this 'comfort' will cause you absolute dramas in the future, at this present moment it's easier...

One of the issues is because you are looking at the BIG change that needs to happen, rather than looking at small incremental steps to get to that big change or goal.

let's say you have been thinking of gaining a new qualification or're thinking 3-4 years is crazy, I dont have the time and I dont have the money. WELL let me tell you! you do have the time, we all have exactly the same amount of time in our days, the difference is WHAT you choose to do with it.

The time will go by regardless of whether you make it useful to your life

So it takes you 3-10 years to get a degree, the years will have passed by anyhow! at least you have something at the end of it that can perhaps change the next 30 years of your life. TIME well spent I say.

Small steps add up to monumental changes in weeks, months and years. Just one little change per day can alter your mindset, your health, your relationship and your career.

If you are in your car driving and you see a shocking accident ahead...

will you continue on the same course and crash?...or will you slightly change direction...?

So how do you turn your life around?...

1. You make a decision on what you want to change

2. You seriously reflect on WHY you want to change

3. You write down the end goal or big picture

4. You write down the small, baby steps you can take to get to the end goal

5. You take action TODAY, one small step


1. You write down what you need to STOP doing and STOP doing it

2. You learn to say NO to things that don't serve you or the big picture

3. You surround yourself with positive people

4. You 'feed' yourself with positive news, books, videos etc.

So yes, small decisions can have huge impact on your happiness and your life...

have a GO today

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