• Julie Ann Canal

SERIOUSLY! - why the hell are you listening to 'CRAP' talk?

If you are told often enough that you are STUPID, lazy, useless...a waste of's a known 'fact' that pretty soon you will believe it...right??

That's what we are led to believe.

WELL, I say we should throw that rule down the toilet and flush it damn fast!

Who the hell made that rule anyhow..?

Yep, if you have low confidence, low self-esteem and not much belief in yourself, then, if you continuously hear any of those words it's reinforcing what you already seem to have told yourself...

Firstly; they are JUST is up to you to decide what you listen to, what sounds or words you keep and which ones you throw away as 'useless to you!'

The question to ask yourself is: are their words helping me? if the answer is NO, then discard them and move on.

What we are told and how we react to them are two different things...

The reaction is OUR choice, YOUR CHOICE.

How you think and how you feel about yourself is YOUR decision, it's the most important decision that you can ever make in YOUR LIFE!

Your self talk guides your life, your future, your health and even your relationships.

There's enough crap in the world that we have to listen to on social media, the news, politics...

Why listen to CRAP talk from yourself, let alone other people?

You need to be kind to yourself, talk yourself up, tell yourself how fabulous you are, constantly be amazed at how cool you are...remind yourself that YOU CAN do anything, and you really can!...

If you don't reinforce this, who else will?

What anyone else thinks about you is nothing to do with you! and it sure as hell shouldn't impact you. If someone is 'crap' talking you, what gives them the right?

Are they so amazingly successful, beautiful, rich, clever that you feel you need to listen to them, quite likely not!

Often the people that talk you down are the people that have issues in their own lives. So, DO NOT take it on board.

Be strong in yourself, find your own words and beliefs...

It is up to you to define yourself.

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